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National Wholesale Distributors
Joullian produces approximately 12,000 cases annually from its 40-acre estate fruit and Salinas Valley Chardonnay. Distribution is most prominent in restaurants and a handful of fine wine shops and gourmet grocers. Joullian's out-of-state distribution is limited. For more information on Joullian Vineyards contact or visit the Village Tasting Room at (831) 659-8100 or call the Winery at (831) 659-2800. To locate Joullian wine in a store or restaurant near you, call your local distributor or broker of Joullian wine:

  • Distributor: The Henry Wine Group
    Order Desk: (800) 669-9428                                       (Retail and Restaurant)
    Phone: (707) 745-8500




  • Worldwide Wine & Spirits, Inc.
    Phone: (913) 859-9925
    VP Sales: Chad Rolofson




  • Distributor: A. Bommarito Wines
    Owner: Tony Bommarito
    Sales Manager: Denny Campo
    Phone: (314) 961-8996
    Fax: (314) 961-5661                                                                     


  • Distributor: Premium Brands Wine and Spirits
    Sales Manager/Oklahoma City Area:
    Rick Naifeh
    Phone: (405) 947-4690
    Fax: (405) 948-2779

    Sales Manager/Tulsa Area: 
    John Williams                                                                                         Phone: (918) 851-7134
    Fax: (918) 660-0550


  • Distributor: Port City Distributing
    GM: John Heuton
    Phone: (843) 225-4552


  • Distributor: New Vintage Wines
    Phone: (210) 826-6565
    VPt Sales: Don Hamilton



  • Can-Am
    Phone : 304-842-6231
    President: Kathryn V. Folio



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