JOULLIAN VINEYARDS is a Carmel Valley California winery created with the goal of   producing estate-crafted, world class wines of complexity, finesse and ageability.  

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                                  "Serious Wines that are fun to drink."

                                      ~Ridge Watson, Winemaker


Joullian Village Tasting Room

OPEN DAILY 11am to 5pm





     2016 Award Winners

   2014 Joullian Estate Semillon...Best in Class

   2014 Joullian "Roger Rose" Chardonnay...Best in Class

   2014 Joullian "Highland" Chardonnay...Gold Medal

   2014 Joullian "Monterey" Chardonnay...Silver Medal

   2012 Joullian Estate Cabernet Sauvignon...Silver Medal

   2013 Joullian Estate Sias CuveĆ© Zinfandel...Silver Medal

   2013 Joullian Estate Reserve Syrah...Silver Medal

   2013 Joullian Estate Jonquille...Silver Medal



   2012 Joullian Cabernet Sauvignon...88 POINTS...December15 Issue


   2013 Joullian Roger Rose Chardonnay...91 POINTS...July15 Issue


   2013 Joullian Monterey Chardonnay...88 POINTS...April15 Issue


   2012 Joullian Estate Muscat Hamburg...88 POINTS...April15 Issue


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